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ANNOUNCING SISAC EDI MANUAL (Amira Aaron) Marcia Tuttle 14 Aug 1995 19:40 UTC

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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 15:12:28 EDT
From: Amira Aaron <aaron@READMORE.COM>


SISAC, the Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee, is pleased to
announce the availability of the SISAC X12 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES,
published June 1995.  This implementation guide was developed by SISAC to
serve as the guideline manual for EDI for the serials industry.  It
includes the SISAC/ICEDIS industry conventions for the following ASC X12
transaction sets:   Invoice (810), Dispatch Data (856), Claim (869),
Claim Response (870) and Functional Acknowledgment (997).  In addition,
the manual includes critical information about the use and implementation
of EDI, covering many of the business issues, legal considerations,
communication and technical issues involved in EDI projects.

The manual is now available for purchase at a member (SISAC or BISG) rate
of $175.00 and a non-member rate of $250.00.  An order form is provided
below and may be filled out and sent online to Sandy Paul, Book Industry
Study Group, Inc., at the following e-mail address:
Or contact Sandy with questions at (212) 929-1393; fax: (212) 989-7542;

Consider joining SISAC now and receive the member rate on your order.
Ask about the "First Timer" 1/2-price discount special for commercial and
non-profit organizations!
                     ORDER FORM (e-mail to:

Please send me ________ copies of the SISAC X12 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES
at a rate of:

_________ $175.00    Members of SISAC or BISG
_________ $250.00    Non-members

Total charge:  $_____________   (include applicable N.Y.S. sales tax)

My P.O.# is: _______________________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________Fax: __________________________

Billing address:                  Shipping Address:
______________________________   ____________________________________
______________________________   ____________________________________
______________________________   _____________________________________
______________________________   _____________________________________

Non-profit subscribers must supply their federal tax ID number:

Thank you for your order!