Serials Management Software (Eileen Goodell) Marcia Tuttle 16 Aug 1995 14:36 UTC

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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 08:51:29 EDT
From: Eileen Goodell <goodelle@RL.AF.MIL>
Subject: Serials Management Software

We purchased a new serials management software from Right On Programs
and we were very unhappy with it.  As a result we are looking for
another program to satisfy our library needs.  I am looking to find
what is available and what other librarians like to use. I am not
having very good luck finding what I want.  I am guessing this subject
has been discussed a lot so people can reply to my address off of the
list if they want to.

Eileen Goodell
Rome Laboratory Technical Library
"The Dreamer Dies, But Never Dies The Dream"