Re: Serials Responsibilities (Christina Bellinger) Ann Ercelawn 21 Aug 1995 17:49 UTC

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 11:48:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christina Bellinger <>
Subject: RE: Serials Responsibilities (Kathleen Thorne)

Dear Kathleen,
        Here at UNH, our policy regarding serials cataloging is as follows.
> In your library, which of the following things are considered the work of
> the serials CATALOGER, which are done by support staff (and is that under
> supervision of professional or no?), and which are clerical or student
> assistant tasks:
>    a) cataloging new periodical titles - Member input and LC copy
handled by an advanced library assistant
>    b) cataloging periodical title changes - Member input and LC
copy handled by an advanced library assistant
>    c) closing out cessations - Advanced Library Assistant
>    d) closing out cancellations - Advanced Library Assistant
>    e) inventory of periodical holdings (ie, checking shelves)- Students
under the supervision of an even more advanced library assistant
>    f) cleanup of retrocon (splitting out to successive entry old titles
>       not yet split) - Advanced LA, supervisor LA and professional
cataloger, depending on the level of the copy
>    g) cleanup of retrocon (titles for which entries in OCLC don't
>       exist or records are incomplete or inaccurate or other problems)
Advanced LA, supervisor LA or professional cataloger
 >    h) union list entry management - We aren't doing this at this time
>    i) adding holdings statements to records - Serials records maintenance
>    j) adding subject headings from OCLC records to existing PAC records
>       which have none - Advanced LA, supervisor LA under the direction
of a professional cataloger
>    k) adding 510 fields from OCLC records to existing PAC records - we
are not doing this at this time.  We add them at time of cataloging, from
the item itself

        Christina Bellinger
        Head, Cataloging Unit
        University of New Hampshire
> In addition, are any of you doing any other bibliographic record en-
> hancements?  If so, what?  and what level staff is doing it?
> I think that's all ... but it's Sunday afternoon, and it's very hot,
> and my brain is on overload.  Thanks VERY much for any input you can
> all give, especially fairly large libraries.  I owe you all big time.
> Kathleen Thorne
> Wahlquist Library
> San Jose State University, SJ, CA