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Minutes ALCTS Pre-Order/Pre-Catalog Search Discussion Group Barbara Albee 02 Feb 1996 03:12 UTC

ALCTS Pre-Order/Pre-Catalog Search Discussion Group
"Mapping the Road To the Shelf: Cartographic Materials Past, Present
and Future"
Minutes, January 22, 1996
ALA Midwinter Meeting
San Antonio, Texas

Mahnaz Moshfegh, Acquistions/Serials Librarian, Indiana University School
of Law, Chair of the Discussion Group opened the meeting and introduced:
Barbara Albee, Acquisitions Librarian, IUPUI University Library, Vice
Chair, and Moderator Michelle Drozdowski.

Michelle Drozdowski, Serials Librarian, Western Michigan University
introduced the presenters.

David Cobb, Harvard University Map Collection.
Current Interests: Changing trends in map libraries. GIS reformatting.
Topic: Early Map Acquisitions
David noted that early map collections require a lot of money to acquire,
store, and preserve. One important question to ask before aquiring a map
is: how do you know if you already own the map.  Maps can be found
in books and atlases and are not cataloged.  It is very labor intensive
cataloging and it is just not done.

David reiewed a list of his top ten sources for maps.  E-mail David at for a copy of the list.  These sources talk about
the cartographer, map maker, editions, printer, engraver, color, etc.
(things not traced for modern maps.)

David announced that Harvard is digitizing its collections.  Access will
be available through Harvard's web site upon request. Users may contact
them by phone or e-mail and ask for a map to be loaded on the Web.  The
map will remain on the Web for a specific time and then removed.  This
service is available to anyone.

Elizabeth Mangan, Head Data Preparation and File Maintenance Unit, Library
of Congress.
Topic: What are Maps?  Problems with searching.
Elizabeth described a variety of unusual maps and discussed the many
problems with identifying and seaching maps. For example, where did the
map come from, what is the title information if no cartouche exists,
how to identify superseded editions, etc.

Elizabeth announced that the newest edition of "Cartographic Materials"
(the AACR2 of maps) is under review, no due date.  When it becomes
available it will be placed on the Catalogers Desktop.  ALA is interested
in publishing the title and it may be out sometime in 1997.

Elizabeth is currently working on the 99,000 geographic cutters for
the G schedule.  The G schedule should be ready for release and used on
the Classification Plus by this summer.

John A. Stevenson, Senior Assistant Librarian, University of Delaware
Topic: Marcive Shipping List Service as it relates to Maps.
John described the Marcive Shipping List service and its relation to
GPO maps.  John compared the service to an approval plan with special
rules and discussed the advantages of the service for the future user
of maps in our collections.

John provided a handout with a sample of the Marcive SLS record and a
GOP cataloging record (processed by Marcive.)  In addition, a sample of
temporary and permanent cataloging records was provided. For more info
and a copy of the handout contact John at

Michelle lead a question and answer session following the presentations,
and concluded the meeting with a call for topics for ALA Annual.

Prepared by,
Barbara Albee, ALCTS Pre-Order/Pre-Catalog Search Discussion
Group, Vice Chair
Acquisitions Librarian
IUPUI University Library
Indianapolis, IN  46202