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Re: Re. Margo Warner Curl's comments on RoweCom Subscribe Bruce Heterick 02 Feb 1996 19:25 UTC

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Since when did SERIALST begin online advertising?

[From:   Bruce Heterick <HETERICKB@FAXON.COM>]

Response from the SERIALST Moderator:

Dear Bruce Heterick and Other Concerned SERIALSTers:

One person's interpretation of "online advertising" may be another person's
interpretation of online "information."  I take responsibility for the
decision to post the Rowecom response after re-reading Margo Warner Curl's
original message and interpreting R.R. Rowe's message as a reply to the
issues and concerns raised by Ms. Curl.

SERIALST was founded and still operates on an academic network and,
as a rule, it is *NOT* a forum for online advertising.  On the other
hand, it is an open forum for discussion pertaining to serials interests
in libraries and some of these discussions involve vendors and their
products.  Since there are many constituents of the serials community
on SERIALST (e.g., librarians, vendors, subscription agents, publishers,
educators, students, et al.), we will continue to provide a forum for
all of our subscribers.  If, at times, some of the distinctions between
"informational" and "commercial" interests blur, a subjective/moderated
decision is made.  People obviously do not always agree with various
decisions that have been made at different points, but that is one of
the by-products that one learns to live with in running a large,
moderated list.


    Birdie MacLennan
    SERIALST Listowner/Moderator
    University of Vermont