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Re: Journal to Fax Mitch Turitz 16 Feb 1996 21:03 UTC


  I can't confirm that California journal is changing format.  As of the
2/96 issue, it is still advertising for subscribers, and makes no mention
of a fax version.  We have not received the letter you mentioned.

  I agree with you that this does seem to match the case you cited: of a
print version which has changed format.

  First of all, as I recall the LCRI (I didn't have time to check), you
MUST do successive entry cataloging (If you are following LC strictly) if
the format changes as you indicated.  In this case, I would not consider
the fax as a "reproduction" since that is the only form in which it is
available (just as the microfiche version of the governemnt documents
would not be a reproduction, as it is the only form available).

  This does seem to be a case of "unnecessary" successive entry if the
title has not changes.  However, I would like to know if the fax version
has the identical title or not.

-- Mitch
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