1996 NASIG Conference Information (Anne McKee) Ann Ercelawn 21 Feb 1996 23:38 UTC

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 17:51:14 -0400
From: "Anne E. McKee" <MCKEEA@FAXON.COM>

The 1996 North American Serials Interest Group Conference Planning and Program
Planning Committees are very pleased to announce that the registration and
scheduling information for the 11th Annual NASIG conference are on the way!!
They were mailed by first-class postage to all current NASIG members on
Feb.14th, 1996.  If after a reasonable time, you have not received your
registration brochure, please contact Ruth Haest at the below numbers.

This years NASIG conference theme is entitled "Pioneering New Serials
Frontiers: From Petroglyphs to Cyberserials" and it will be held June
20th-23rd, 1996 at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.   We have a
fantastic group of speakers and have planned some fun outings-you simply cannot
miss this conference!

The full conference registration which includes: registration, housing for 3
nights and meals is: $300.00 for a single room and $275.00 for a double room.
This price does NOT include preconferences, extra nights or tours.

Payment and the registration form must be mailed together.  Registration is open
to non-NASIG members after April 1st, 1996 and the registration deadline is May
20th, 1996.

The conference registration and brochure will be mounted on the 1996 conference
homepage that is still. under construction.  Point your browser to URL:

For further information, please contact Ruth Haest, NASIG Registrar at
505-277-7218, Fax: 505-277-4446.  Internet: nasig@unm.edu.  (email preferred.)

We are looking forward to an exciting conference in beautiful mile-high
Albuquerque.  See you in New Mexico!!