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Magazines on the WWW (Steve Black) Ann Ercelawn 21 Feb 1996 23:40 UTC

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 16:53:42 -0800
From: Steve Black <blacks@ROSNET.STROSE.EDU>
Subject: Magazines on the WWW

  I have followed this list since Aug. 1995, but this is my
first post.  I'd like to tap your collective wisdom on how I
should handle popular magazines available for free on the WWW.
  I know of at least 3 publishers now putting their magazines on
the web for free:
  Time-Warner at
  Ziff-Davis at
  CMP at

  How should the magazines at these sites be included in the finding
aids we provide our patrons?  Despite the commercialism of the sites,
I find keyword searchable, free versions of Time, Fortune, PC Magazine,
etc. worth considering as one aspect of our collection.
  What have your solutions been so far?  Anyone have a strategy they're
pleased with?  Is this issue a legitimate aspect of collection

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,
Steve Black