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Chemical Abstracts and ACS Accreditation Keith R. Stetson 05 Feb 1996 15:17 UTC

Any library concerned about American Chemical Society guidelines for
evaluating undergraduate programs should get a copy of _Undergraduate
Professional Education in Chemistry:  Guidelines and Procedures_

        The Secretary
        Committee on Professional Training
        American Chemical Society
        1155 Sixteenth ST, N.W.
        Washington, DC  20036

The latest, (as of September 1995), is the Fall 1992 edition.
Printed separately is the one-page April 1993 "Journal List
for Undergraduate Programs."  This list contains specific
"Library Guidelines for ACS Approved Schools," including required
journals, recommended journals, etc.

As far as I can see, this information is NOT available on ACS's
web page:  (http://www/acs/org/).

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