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Corporate body name changes Lori Osmus 24 Feb 1996 00:49 UTC

Thank you very much for your comments on updating corporate body
names in serials cataloging records.  Just as among the serials
catalogers at Iowa State, the comments I received were evenly split
on the issue of whether or not to update serials cataloging
records to reflect corporate body name changes discovered in routine
authorities reports.  Personally, I agree with those who think it is
too time-consuming to do this updating on an ongoing basis, even
though it would be nice, and useful to some degree.  I was
relieved to find that there were serials librarians at
other libraries who feel this way, too.  The discussion here is
not yet over, but now I feel more informed.  Thanks for your

--Lori Osmus
Head, Serials & Monographs Original Cataloging Department
204 Parks Library
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011