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Date:         Fri, 23 Feb 1996 14:10:29 -0600
From:         Lori Hein <lhein@BETHELKS.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Books in print on CD-ROM

Hi Leslie Button and others on the list,

RE Leslie Button's inquiry:

>Our library is investigating the possibility of purchasing a CD-ROM version
>of "Books in print."  Can any of my colleagues on Serialst share information
>about what products they might have in their own library?  I am interested
>particularly in those libraries who have it loaded to a local area network
>and available for patron use.
>How user friendly is the interface?  Do your patrons find it easy to use? Do
>you find it easy to use?  Does it operate in a DOS or windows environment?

We used the BIP (Books In Print) CD-ROM for over a year and have switched to
the Baker & Taylor's version.  This is why:

1) It is cheaper and they give you more subscription options. (every 12 mo.;
twice a year; three times a year; 9 mo school year; every other month; etc)

2) We were doing a majority of our book ordering electronically through them
already and it made it even a little more simple.

3) It appeared to me that Baker & Taylor's information is at least as
accurate and probably more up to date than BIP. (After all their business
depends on it) Especially pre-pub and out-of-print information.

4) I preferred their format. (I liked the DOS version of BIP until they made
some changes that in my opinion were not better. And I did not like their
windows version. I found it to be confusing and cumbersome. It also wasted a
lot of paper - but I think this may have been corrected.)

5) We have always had good service from all departments of Baker & Taylor-
even tech support. I did not get good service from BIP tech support.

6) Baker & Taylor was easier to install. With BIP, computer files had to
updated everytime you received a new disc. Not so with Baker & Taylor. Just
simply have to pop in the new disc.

7) With Baker & Taylor if you wish to have more than one copy available for
use (I use one for searching & ordering and we also have a search only copy
available for public access instead of BIP) there is a ONE TIME charge of
$125 and you can run as many copies as you want. Books In Print wanted a
bigger annual fee for each additional copy run.

8) I have found Baker & Taylor to be user friendly and I have heard no
complaints from our patrons using it in the public service area.

9) Baker and Taylor is not as pretty as BIP but they are working on it. It
can be run through DOS or Windows. We run it through Windows.

I hope this is helpful and I would like to get feedback from others on the
same subject.

Thank You.

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Date:         Fri, 23 Feb 1996 16:41:20 -0400
Subject:      BIP on CD-ROM
Comments: To:,

Leslie and others:

ACQNET had had much discussion about BIP on CD-ROM over the years.
I suggest you check the ACQNET archives for this. Many people
find BIP on CD hard to network, but other people seem to have found
a way; their suggestions may be valuable.

The best way to check ACQNET archives is through AcqWeb.

To Get to AcqWeb:

Go to the ACQNET section and first look at the INDEX under BIP, and
find the relevant issues. Or use another search strategy if available
to you.

Eleanor Cook
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