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Re: Inventiones Mathematicae Fredrik Liepe 26 Feb 1996 18:56 UTC

Steve Murden wrote:
>We have a subscription to Inventiones Mathematicae, from Springer.
>We received v.122:no.3 (1995) [last issue of the vol.], which
>seemed to close out the 1995 issues.  The next thing we received is
>v.124:no.1-3 (1996:Feb.).  Has anyone received any issues of v.123?
>If so, are they dated 1995 or 1996? ....

Vol 123, 1996, No 1 was received here on January 24. We have also received
Vol 124, 1996, Nos 1/3, but not yet Vol. 123, 1996, Nos 2,3

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