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Books in Print on CD-ROM Marlene Larson 27 Feb 1996 17:05 UTC

Here at the University of Wisconsin--Green Bay we do use BIP on CD-ROM.  We
do not get a paper copy anymore.

We have had to use the windows version because the DOS version takes so
much conventional memory that we could not use it.  We have a Dell
Dimension P75 machine which is connected to the campus network and
internet.  Our Computer Center staff came to the library and removed
everything that could possibly be moved out of conventional memory and we
still could not use it.  I understand now that Dell's real nice Plug & Play
feature takes a lot of memory.  Since we purchase our machines on State
Contract we did not have a choice at the time on the type of PC we wanted.
Because of the problems, we no longer need to purchase Dell's; however, we
are stuck with the probllem.

I called BIP and they suggested we use the Windows version since it is also
on the disk.  The windows version works fine.

However, our acquisitions staff would prefer to use the DOS version because
the Windows versions prints citations one to a page, wasting a lot of paper.

Anytime I contacted BIP, their support staff have been excellent.  My calls
were returned promptly and they walked me through many options over the
phone.  The problem was that the program required at least 535K of
conventional memory and we couldn't get that much.  According to Martin
Brooks the program now takes under 500K so this will help.  We may go back
to the DOS version if it is usable.  We still are not sold on the Windows
version.  But I don't think we'll ever go back to paper.

We do not order electronically, so do not use that feature.

Marlene Larson, Cofrin Library
University of Wisconsin--Green Bay
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001