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Useful and useless notes in catalog record, thanks to all Rosa Montanya 07 Feb 1996 15:04 UTC

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On Tue, 23 Jan. 1996 I posted a message about useful and useless notes in the
context of lowering cataloging level (specially about "description based on"
and frequency notes). I would like to thank everyone who answered my questions.
As for the answers it seems that "description based on" note is considered
essential by serials catalogers even in the case of the most minimal level.
I'm glad to say that I got this note "saved", the library committe working
on minimal level considered it at last to be useful and necessary (the answers
from SERIALST helping a lot). As for frequency, it's not the same case. It
has been considered an information already present in holdings data and
not essential.  I'm not happy with the decision my library has taken but as
the trend is to eliminate all non-essential information I could not argue much.
Thank you for the second time.

Rosa Montanya

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