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North Central Association requirements for number of vols. Wendie Edwards 07 Feb 1996 23:11 UTC

I need your help.  I was in the process of making some more room on the
journal shelves in the library by removing any volumes that we had both
microfiche and bound volumes for.  I put a list of material on the
BACKSERV listserv to see if anyone wanted any of the materials.  I have
since received several requests for material, and had begun to box stuff
up to send out.  Then the library director decides that I probably
shouldn't send any of the material out, because we are still under a
mandate by the North Central Association to reach 100,000 volumes by 1998.
Knowing nothing about this association, I am confused as to whether this
100,000 number should include bound journals at all because I thought it
was referring only to books.  And even if journals should be included,
wouldn't a microfiche volume be equivalent to a bound volume?  If this
makes any sense to anyone, and you think you could shed some light on this
whole situation, I would really appreciate your assistance because my
office is sitting full of boxes of journals waiting to be sent out.

Thanks very much,

Wendie Edwards, Serials Librarian
Viterbo College Library
815 South 9th Street
La Crosse, WI  54601
(608) 791-0360