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Chemical Abstracts and ACS accreditation Rosalee McReynolds 07 Feb 1996 23:22 UTC

Loyola University in New Orleans cancelled its paper subscription to
Chemical Abstracts back in 1991.  We were very concern about losing the
ACS accreditation for our undergraduate degree program in chemistry (we
do not have a graduate program), and discussed the matter at length with
a representative of the society before cancelling.  Basically, we were
required to continue to provide students with access to Chemical
Abstracts, which we do through online searching, both in the library and
in the Chemistry Department.  We were also told that we had to make paper
copies of Chemical Abstracts available so that students could be
instructed in how to use them.  We promised to keep our back issues in
Reference and that satisfied the ACS.

Rosalee McReynolds
serials librarian
Loyola University, New Orleans