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Re. Faxon Subscription Agency query (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 07 Feb 1996 23:28 UTC

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Date:         Wed, 7 Feb 1996 13:31:48 -0500
From:         Beverly Geckle <BGECKLE@UBMAIL.UBALT.EDU>
Subject:      faxon

We just received our renewal quote about a month ago.  Our quote is set up
to go along with our fiscal year (July-June) so it includes subscription
periods that will start after July 1996.  Many titles (about 20 so far and
we are only 1/2 way thru) do not appear on it.  I called one of the reps on
our team and she said she will look into it but suggested that 'bill later'
items may have been left off and titles that have not be fully entered into the
new system may have been left off.  She also said that the invoices will
no longer list 'bill laters' but only list what is actually being paid
for.  A separate report can be produced that lists all subscriptions.

We also received a letter from Faxon indicating some of the complaints
they have been receiving. I think the transition to the new system is
causing problems, but I think the company knows it.

Finding a really good representative and going through the same person
helps. Good Luck!

Beverly Geckle                          "Man errs as long as he doth strive"
Technical Services                                      -Goethe (Faust)
University of Baltimore Law Library

Date:         Wed, 7 Feb 1996 13:57:25 -0400
From:         Tom Hinders <PHINDERS@ALPHA.CC.OBERLIN.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Re. Faxon Subscription Agency query (5 messages)

We also had several popular, weekly titles lapse. Newsweek, Time,
Economist, and New Yorker are the most notable. Faxon assured us that
they sent payment to the publishers before they got our invoice
payments, but, considering these lapses and the huge number of
renewal notices that we received, we have our doubts.

Tom Hinders
Head of Serials
Oberlin College Library
Oberlin, OH 44074