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Carpal tunnel and serials work Anne Grady 13 Feb 1996 22:49 UTC

I'm wondering if any other serials librarians and/or support
staff are experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms, pain in
wrists, fingers, hands, joints, arms, shoulders etc from
shelving, processing mail and/or automated check-in?

What can one do?  Shelving really compounded the pain in
my wrists, hands, arms so this fall we got a work-study
student to shelve journals in the morning.  She started in
January.  Today she complained of pain in her hands/arms
and will be taking some time off from shelving...   I don't
blame her... however, the shelving now falls back to me ugh!
I've shelved solo from '89 to '95 and worry about the
damage I continue to inflict on my hands.

Anne Grady
University of New England
Biddeford, ME  04005