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Journal to Fax Aimee Algier 15 Feb 1996 17:37 UTC

This is mostly addressed to serials catalogers. Mitch, if you have
run across this, please post:

We recently got a letter from the publisher of California journal stating
that they will no longer be publishing the journal in its present form.
In its stead, the publisher will be issuing a much more scaled down
version of the publication; and all the pages will be delivered by FAX.

Now, I assume this will either constitute a title change or a new title,
depending on what the publisher actually does. But my question is: has
anyone cataloged a FAX before as an original? I guess this is analogous
to a publication issued in fiche only, as many government documents are.
Would we treat it as an original or as a reproduction? And has anyone
else run into this with other publishers?

Thanks for your comments.

Aimee Algier
Santa Clara University