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New Internet connection for the ISSN International Centre in Paris (Pierre Godefroy) Marcia Tuttle 01 Jul 1996 20:25 UTC

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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 16:20:05 -0400
From: ISSN International Centre <issnic@ISSN.ORG>
Subject: New Internet connection for the ISSN International Centre in Paris

Dear Colleagues,

The ISSN International Centre has the pleasure to announce that a new
Internet Web server (Apache software on an IBM AIX machine) is now up
and running in our premises in Paris at the following URL :

All the traffic going to the previous server in California (, which
hosted our ISSN home pages, is now redirected to the International Centre in

This new development is only a part of the first step in the upgrading of
the computer system at the ISSN International Centre. A peer-to-peer network
has been installed, linking together the Windows based PCs of the different
services of the Centre and giving them direct access to the Internet
(e-mail, Web, FTP...).

You will soon receive more news about these developments, especially
concerning the new electronic possibilities for data transfer and direct
ISSN requests.

It is now possible to contact directly the different services of the
International Centre by e-mail :

Suzanne Santiago, Director :

Pierre Godefroy, assistant to the Director :

Slawek Rozenfeld, computer service :

Alain Roucolle, bibliographic service :

General mail : (all the mail sent to the old address,, is automatically forwarded there)

As from this Autumn, the whole International Centre will be covered by this

Please do not hesitate to forward your comments, proposals, directly to the
ISSN International Centre. Suggestions and initiatives concerning the
appropriate links (to and from our pages) are particularly welcome.

Sincerely yours,

Pierre Godefroy
Assistant to the Director

Centre international de l'ISSN
ISSN International Centre
20 rue Bachaumont
tel : (33 1)44 88 22 20
fax : (33 1)40 26 32 43
E-mail :
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