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ANNOUNCEMENT> Final Summer Make the Link Workshops (Thomas P. Copley) Marcia Tuttle 17 Jul 1996 12:38 UTC

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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 00:42:35 -0700
From: Thomas P. Copley <tcopley@GIGANTOR.ARLINGTON.COM>
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT> Final Summer Make the Link Workshops


Make the Link Workshop (World Wide Web for Everyone) is an eight
week distance-learning workshop conducted entirely by e-mail. It
introduces the beginner to the World Wide Web (WWW), the Internet's
distributed hypermedia information system, as well as enhances the
skills of the somewhat more experienced user.

WWW's amazing growth has resulted largely from its ease of use and
power to almost instantaneously transport a rich array of text,
graphics, sound, programs, etc. to the computer desktop with the
click of a mouse button.

Having a WWW home page providing one's personal information has
become the 1990's version of the business card,  resume, telephone
answering machine, and on occasion, electronic recreation area, all
rolled into one. In fact, WWW provides the opportunity to participate
and collaborate with others at many levels.

The Make the Link Workshop will focus on how to gain maximum
advantage from this simple to use, yet very sophisticated, Internet

The final Summer sessions of the Links Workshop are scheduled for

August 5 - September 29 (links11) and

August 19 - October 13 (links12).

The cost of the workshop is $20 US.

To get more information about the workshop, please send e-mail to

or to sign up for the Make the Link Workshop, please send
an e-mail message to the address:

and in the body of the message, include:

     subscribe links11

to subscribe to the session beginning August 5, and

     subscribe links12

to subscribe to the session that starts on August 19.

This will automatically put you on the mailing list for more
information about the workshop, and you will receive an
acknowledgment with the particulars about signing up. You may
sign off the list at any time and will not be charged any fee.

If you have any difficulty signing up, please send e-mail
to the address below in the signature line.

THOMAS P. COPLEY                 
Make the Link Workshop