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Sports Illucidated (Bud Sonka) Marcia Tuttle 18 Jul 1996 19:40 UTC

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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 12:09:32 -0700
From: Bud Sonka <bsonka@NUNIC.NU.EDU>
Subject: Sports Illucidated

Let me be the first to ask:  What is everyone doing about the latest issue
of Sports Illustrated, dated June 22, labeled as a double issue, but with
no volume or issue number?  The previous issue was v.85 n.3.

Our procedure is to label the issue exactly as it comes, and put a note in
the OPAC record with all possible identification, which in this case also
included a title:  Olympic Preview Issue.  Then we wait to see if the next
issue will be v.85 n.4, v.85 n.5, or v.85 n.6, depending on what they
meant by double issue, and amend our record and issue labeling once we
know what is actually going on.

Does anyone have a better procedure?

Bud Sonka
Serials Supervisor
National University Library System