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Demo Room - final schedule & room info (Barbara Stewart) Marcia Tuttle 02 Jul 1996 17:38 UTC

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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 12:32:37 -0400
From: Barbara Stewart <stew@LIBRARY.UMASS.EDU>
Subject: Demo Room - final schedule & room info (fwd)

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The following Internet demos will be presented at the American
Library AssociationAnnual Conference in New York  (7/6-7/8).
The demos will be held in rooms 2D-14 and 2D-15 of the Javits
Convention Center -- please note that this is *NOT* in the exhibits
area. The main Internet room will be near the exhibits, but the demo
room will bedownstairs from the exhibit floor. Ask the Internet room
staff for directions to the demo room, and please note that the
room assignment may be changed. The correct demo room location
will be available in the main Internet room.

For those of you who are not attending ALA in New York, you can
vicariously participate in the fun by visiting the Internet
Room WWW site:

There should be a link from this page to a list of these demos,
and we are encouraging demo presentors to share their handouts
with those who are not able to attend by placing them in this
WWW site. Thanks again to all those who volunteered their time
to put these presentations together! MK


     ALA Annual 1996 (New York) - Internet Demonstration Schedule

      1) Sat. 7/6  10:30am - 11:30am
     "InterNIC for the millions: the 15 Minute Series  and more..."
     Robin Murphy & Tom Newell, InterNIC Support Services

     The InterNIC provides database and directory services, domain name
     registration services for top and second level domains, and IP network
     number assignments for the Internet community at large. InterNIC's Support
     Services section is presently developing "The 15 Minute Series", a
     collection of modular, extensible, Internet training materials.  The
     is to provide Internet trainers with a ready-to-use, yet easily modified,
     resource that will help them meet the challenges they face in the
     environment.  This session is for  anyone who is faced with supporting
     end-users of the Internet within his/her local environment.

     2) Sat.  7/6  1:30pm - 2:30pm
     "Finding Government Information on the Internet"
     Jackie Shane, Government Information, Univ. of New Mexico

     This demonstration will focus on using the Internet as a resource for
     locating federal, international, and state publications.  The emphasis
     be on using the World Wide Web, but will also address telnet, gopher, and
     bulletin board services (BBS).  The intent of the workshop is to lead the
     user to appropriate finding aids, and to familiarize information providers
     with trends of federal agencies as Internet service providers.

     3) Sat.  7/6  3:00pm - 4:00pm
     "The Internet as a Resource for Collection Development"
     Elizabeth Thomsen, NOBLE Member Services Manager (Boston)

     We tend to think of the Internet in terms of reference, not collection
     development, but there is a lively community of Internet users out
      there who are recommending books to each others, and these book
     lists can be a unique and valuable source of information for librarians.
     Learn how to find these lists and other Internet resources to help with
     print and nonprint collection development in all types of libraries.
     Intermediate (assumes basic Internet skills)

     4) Sun. 7/7  9:00am - 10:00am
     "Home Pages in Library Technical Services"
     Barbara Stewart, Cataloger, Univ. Mass, Amherst

     Librarians, especially those with any ties to technical services, will
     this demonstration of  the home page chosen as June's premier site by
     Anna Belle Leiserson at Acqweb. Come and see "Top 200 Technical
     Services Benefits of Home Page Development".

     5) Sun. 7/7  10:30am - 11:30am
     "How to Create Your Own Homepage with HTML"
     Scott Nicholson, Univ of OK Library Student & Computer Consultant

     In this session, you will learn what an HTML tag is and how
     it is used.  You will see the basic structure of a web page,
     and how to build your own with graphics, links, and even
     a colorful background. This session is targeted at those who
     are comfortable with using the WWW, but have done no previous
     HTML work or page construction.

      6) Sun. 7/7  1:30pm - 2:30pm
     "The Internet for Institutional Researchers:  An Overview of
        Accessible Grant and Data Resources in the Social Sciences."
     Maria Biafora, Library Project Analyst, St. John's Univ.

     This presentation surveys both federal and nonprofit and association
     data and grants resources.  Since government statistics and data are free
     from copyright and are used so extensively in scholarly research, they
     dominate the types of data freely available via the Internet. In this
     you will learn how to find funding sources through the Internet.

      7) Sun. 7/7  3:00pm - 4:00pm
     "Managing a web site! Who said anything about managing?!
         I thought I just put it up there...."
     Elisa Miller, Webmaster, ISI

     For those of you who are establishing or planning sites (or those
     who have had to take over sites from someone else), this presentation
     will take you through the steps of preparing for your web site, getting
     up and running,  and maintaining your site.  You will hear how to
     keep people coming back, web site maintenance essentials, and other
     management issues.

     8) Mon. 7/8  9:00am - 10:00am
     "AskERIC:  Providing Education Information over the Internet"
     Nancy A. Morgan, AskERIC Coordinator, Syracuse Univ.

     This session will give an overview of the AskERIC Service
     for Educators and AskERIC's experience in setting up and
     maintaining a distributed information service via the
     Internet.  Audience: library media specialists, librarians
     interested in electronic reference services.

     9) Mon. 7/8  10:30am - 11:30am
     "The Well Knit Web Site: Advice to Librarians"
     Suzanne Cole & Jennifer Heise, Lehigh Univ. Libraries.

     Librarians have a special role to play in bringing the Internet
     to everyone. An effective home page will lead your users to the
     information they need. We will offer precepts on creating a well-
     designed library home page. Topics to be covered include graphic
     design, style, organization, site evaluation and selection, maintenance,
     forms & scripts & gateways, and policy decisions and legal issues.
     Emphasis will be on concepts, design and planning, rather  than
     technical skills.

     10) Mon. 7/8  1:30pm - 2:30pm
     Blythe Bennett, KidsConnect Coordinator, Syracuse Univ.

     KidsConnect is an Internet question and answer service for K-12
     students and is one component of AASL's ICONnect Technology
     Initiative.  What can the service offer to your students and how
     can AASL members learn to be KidsConnect volunteers?  Intended
     audience:  K-12 Library Media Specialists

Mimi King
Head of Reference
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
(715) 836-4958