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Subject: Article About CIC Electronic Journals Collection

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            The Public-Access Computer Systems Review

Volume 7, Number 4 (1996)                          ISSN 1048-6542


Bonnie MacEwan and Mira Geffner, The Committee on Institutional
Cooperation Electronic Journals Collection (CIC-EJC): A New Model
for Library Management of Scholarly Journals Published on the

     The member libraries of the Committee on Institutional
     Cooperation (CIC) are building the CIC Electronic Journals
     Collection (CIC-EJC), a World-Wide Web resource that will be
     the largest fully managed collection of electronic journals
     available on the Internet.  The CIC-EJC directly addresses
     the growing need for managed, networked information tools
     and resources.  This comprehensive management role includes
     the selection, cataloging, provision, and preservation of
     electronic journals.  This paper outlines the history and
     development of the CIC-EJC, and it concludes with a
     discussion on the future of this resource as a component of
     electronic librarianship.

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