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CALL FOR PAPERS (Anita Sundaram) Tuttle, Marcia 25 Jul 1996 04:13 UTC

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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 07:09:01 -0700
From: Anita Sundaram Coleman <asc@UIUC.EDU>

Call For Papers

Special Topic Issue of Serials Review
Innovations in Serials

A special issue of Serials Review, which is scheduled for publication in
1997, will be on the topic of Innovations in Serials.  The guest editor
for this special issue will be Anita Sundaram of the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Innovation, whether as a response to the growth of knowledge,
technological developments, or in an effort to meet information needs, has
often been a factor in the continuing success of the serials model.
Papers are solicited that report the results of original research or offer
provocative new concepts about serials.  Of particular relevance will be
reports that examine serials from a panoramic view of libraries that
includes: the growing popularity of the World Wide Web to establish
intranets; the acceptance of distance learning in institutions of higher
education, which has accelerated the need for remote delivery of library
services; the increasing fiscal accountability of service units, such as
academic libraries, which has yet again raised the specter of fees for
special services; and lastly, the growing realization that new information
technologies may be better utilized within a model of library organization
that focuses on groups of clients and their needs through a consultative
or alliance framework rather than the traditional reference desk services

How are serials evolving?  What are some of the new genres of serials?
Are serials being organized in new ways to meet newly imperative
information needs such as continuing education and training?  How well do
they do so?  Are libraries involved in retrospective conversion projects
of printed serials?  What niche in the information needs hierarchy do such
projects seek to fulfill?  How are use and citation of electronic serials
being monitored?  What kinds of citation studies are being done in the WWW
domain?  Authors of research studies and theoretical standpoints that
examine these and related questions are encouraged to submit their papers
or contact the guest editor for further information.

Four copies of manuscripts should be sent to:
Anita Sundaram, P.O. Box 57037-403, Irvine, CA 92604

Important Dates:

Notice of intent to submit article:             15 September, 1996

Deadline for submission of manuscripts:         15 October, 1996

Notification of acceptance:                     After 15, November 1996

Final manuscripts due:                          15, January 1997

Contact information:  Email:

Thank you for your participation.