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ALA Program Announcement (Joyce McDonough) Marcia Tuttle 03 Jul 1996 12:25 UTC

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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 19:31:23 EDT
From: Joyce McDonough <jm86@COLUMBIA.EDU>
Subject: ALA Program Announcement

ALA Program Announcement
Saturday, 6 July 1996
Javits Convention Center  1E 14

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions:
Print? Online? Document Delivery?

Speakers will address the issues involved in making the decision to
maintain paper subscriptions, use document delivery services, or access
the information online.  The topics to be covered include current use
of CD-Rom and networked indexing and abstracting services, current
patterns of serials access and use, local serials studies, and the
decision process used to select networked services.  The use of
document delivery in both the sciences and social sciences, changes in
budgets, the failure of cooperative agreements, experiences shelving
serials offsite and user responses will be addressed as well.  The
speakers will draw from case studies and conclude with recommendations
on what is needed from both products and publishers.

Moderator:              Susan Davis
                        University at Buffalo

Speakers:               Jane Winland
                        Director, Social Sciences Division
                        Columbia University Libraries

                        Barbara List
                        Director, Science & Engineering Division
                        Columbia University Libraries

Sponsored by:
ALCTS Serials Section Acquisitions Committee
& the ALCTS Collection Management & Development Section