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E-Journal Comprehensive Index(es) (Linda Golian) Ann Ercelawn 31 Jul 1996 14:01 UTC

Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 09:30:59 +0500
From: Linda Marie Golian <golian@ACC.FAU.EDU>
Subject: E-Journal comprehensive index(es)

 Dear Serial Librarians:

Is anyone indexing (not just listing, archiving, cataloging) but INDEXING
the content, title of articles, and authors of e-journals?  I thought I
remembered from the 1995 NASIG conference several publishers talking about
creating such a service for their proprietary titles.  But what about all
the other electronic journal titles out there?

My co-worker, Dr. Helen Laurence, contacted Birdie MacLennan with this same
question. She responded that the only comprehensive index she had seen for
e-jounals are those
that Eric Morgan has created for some selected titles in library literatue.
She suggested we post this question on our discussion forum.

Birdie also suggested checking the Ulrich's Directory and the ARL Directory
of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Discussion Forum.

Any other suggestions or comments?

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