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Re: Journal Use (Steve Black) Marcia Tuttle 05 Jul 1996 17:02 UTC

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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 12:52:45 -0700
From: Steve Black <blacks@ROSNET.STROSE.EDU>
Subject: Re: Journal Use

Mary Wilke correctly points out that my message (over?)simplified the issue
of document delivery vs. print subscriptions.  I agree with her comments, and
would just like to respond to:

>Does Mr. Black really think the more expensive journals will come that
>far down in price ($62)?

  No, of course not.  But they don't need to.  If they are used often enough,
it is economically efficient to subscribe to them.  The knottiest issue is
probably how to support important, expensive research carried out by
relatively few people.  If we faced $100+ copyright fees for individual
articles from journals with tiny circulations and high production costs, it
might kill off some important lines of research.
  Personally, my greatest concern is for the loss of the serendipitous browse
if we no longer have print volumes on the shelves.  And I don't know how to
put a value on that.

Steve Black
The College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY