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Re: Question about NEW STATESMAN & SOCIETY (Barbara Royer) Marcia Tuttle 10 Jul 1996 17:50 UTC

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Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 12:01:15 CDT
Subject: Re: Question about NEW STATESMAN & SOCIETY (Laura Vogler)

Regarding New Statesman:  I believe OCLC has now been updated.  Our records
indicate that New Statesman & Society has reverted back to New Statesman.
And you are right.  There are different vs. and nos. within.  It appears that
when New Statesman and Nation became New Statesman and Society, back in June
1988, that had its own vol. and nos.; but also kept a running vol & no. of
(1) New Statesman (2) Society.  Now that the title has reverted back to New
Statesman, it just  picked up the same vol & nos. that it has kept a running
tab on all these years.  Strange, huh?.......I am going to put a "see" ref
in my self list.  exp.  New Statesman, June 10, 1988 -July __, 1996, see
New Statesman and Society.  May not be totally "correct", but that the way
we are handling it.............This title should really win "some" award.

B. Royer
McNeese State University