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Results of Survey (Jocelyn Kramer) Marcia Tuttle 12 Jul 1996 13:17 UTC

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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 11:11:16 -0700
From: Jocelyn Kramer <jkramer@LCLARK.EDU>
Subject: Results of Survey

First, I would like to thank everyone who responded to my request for
information on pay for non-MLS serials workers.  Since there was a great
deal of interest expressed in the results, I'm posting them to the

Please note that I consider this survey useful only in a very
general sense.  I did not, for example, factor in benefits (or lack
thereof).  There was considerable variation in duties, and I categorized
them as best I could.

In all, 35 people responded to my request.  When broken down by region,
there was no significant pattern.  When broken down (very roughly) by
state vs. private institution, there was also no significant pattern.
Size of institution/library had some bearing on rate of pay, with smaller
libraries paying somewhat less than larger.

When an hourly rate was given, I used a 37.5 hour work week as a basis to
get the approximate annual salary.  I then broke the list down roughly by
job description (based on the ones I posted) and years on the job, where
this was specified.  The following are the results:

Serials Specialist
1-5 years:      Highest:        26,000
                Lowest:         13,200
                Average:        17,292

6-10 years:     Highest:        21,411
                Lowest:         17,979
                Average:        19,695

15+ years:      Highest:        28,275
                Lowest:         27,720
                Average:        27,998

Years unpsecified:
                Highest:        35,000
                Lowest:         16,263
                Average:        23,132

Serials Assistant (not broken down by years worked):
                Highest:        20,736
                Lowest:         12,504
                Average:        16,352

Some partcipants' comments included:  they were trying to upgrade their
jobs, so far without success; pay raises where they worked were
inconsistent and pitiful; they were underpaid, but loved their jobs; they
used to make more in non-academic setting, but like where they are working
now better; serials work requires more sophisticated skills than
circulation work (for example).

Hope you find this survey interesting (I certainly did!).  If you wish to
contact me regarding this survey, you may reach me at any of the

Jocelyn Kramer                  email:
Northwestern School of Law      Phone: (503) 768-6693
10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219