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What to do with Old Journals/Magazines (Elizabeth Fronk) Ann Ercelawn 03 Jan 1997 15:56 UTC

Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 04:56:22 -0500
From: Elizabeth Fronk <efronk@MAIL.3WAVE.COM>
Subject: What to do with Old Journals/Magazines

I am the reference librarian at a small liberal arts college.  Due to space
constraints, we would like to weed some of our journals.  Some of the titles
include very old Harper's Magazine, Vital Speeches, Business Week, Time,
Newsweek and US News & World Report.

Although I am not a regular participant of this listserv, I would GREATLY
appreciate any suggestions as to how to remove them from our library.  I
hate to throw them away but can if there's not a better use for them.

Thank you for your attention


Elizabeth Fronk
Elizabeth L. Fronk (Betsy)
Reference Librarian
J. F. Hicks Library
Virginia Intermont College
1310 Moore Street
Bristol, VA 24201