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parallel title or title change? Kevin M. Randall 23 Jan 1997 20:02 UTC

I have always believed that when a publication has a parallel title, and the
title proper has been dropped (leaving only the former parallel title), that
would constitute a title change.  For example the publication first appears as:

        Title A = Title B

but then later appears only as:

        Title B

According to CONSER practice, this would be a title change, since what had
been considered to be the title proper no longer appears on the publication.

Surprisingly, I could not find documentation in AACR2R or the LCRIs.
However, I did find it in CONSER Cataloging Manual, 16.2.5.c:

        "A change in the order of parallel titles does not necessitate a
title change, as long as the title chosen as the title proper still appears
on the chief source and the publisher did not intend a change of title (LCRI
21.2C).  The fact that the order has changed may be mentioned in a note.
If, however, the title chosen as title proper no longer appears anywhere on
the chief source, make a new record."

There is a particular LC CONSER record which brings this up today.  OCLC
#5323605, which has:

        245 00  Prace Astronomickeho observatoria na Skalnatom Plese = $b
Trudy Astronomicheskoi observatorii Skalnate Pleso = Contributions of the
Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso / $c Slovenska akademia vied.

and also:

        500     Issues carry only English title beginning 1990-

Should this actually be considered a title change?  Could someone at LC
explain this?


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