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ALA Midwinter: Cataloging of US Gov. Internet Resources Dena Hutto 23 Jan 1997 20:07 UTC

ALA Midwinter Panel Discussion:  Cataloging of U.S. Government Internet

        The transition to an electronic Federal Depository Library Program is
underway.  If you are a librarian who works with U.S. government documents,
you're already engaged in the struggle to maintain access to U.S. government
resources that have migrated to the Internet.  You know that GPO cataloging for
U.S. government resources is available, but you may have wondered:

*       Is cataloging an effective way of providing access to Internet
*       Is enough being done to catalog these resources?
*       Do existing cataloging standards adequately meet our needs?
*       Are Internet catalog records being distributed effectively?
*       What role will cataloging play in the government information
infrastructure after the transition is complete?

        To address these questions, the GODORT Cataloging Committee is hosting
a panel discussion on cataloging of U.S. government Internet resources.

WHEN:   1997 ALA Midwinter Meeting
                        Sunday, Feb. 16th
            9:30 - 11:30 AM

WHERE:  J.W. Marriott Metro Center
             Salon E

WHO:    Our panelists are:

*       Catalogers from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) staff will
describe how they are tackling the job of cataloging Internet resources.

*       Erik Jul, currently Manager, Custom Services at OCLC, and formerly
project manager for the U.S. Department of Education-funded project, "Building
a Catalog of Internet Resources," will lend his perspective as an expert in
Internet cataloging standards and practice.

*       Eliot Christian, Office of Information Services, U.S. Geological
Survey, and proponent of GILS (Government Information Locator Service), will
review what GILS is and how it relates to Internet cataloging.


        Do you have questions or comments for the panelists?  Let us know about
your ideas now, so that our panelists will have an opportunity to specifically
address your concerns.  Please contact:

        Dena Hutto, GODORT Cataloging Committee
        Fax:            (503) 777-7786
        Phone:  (503) 777-7572