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Imaging/data management seminars IMS@DELPHI.COM 27 Jan 1997 17:26 UTC

Information Management Seminars will present two new professional
development seminars on imaging/data management in Orlando, Florida on
March 20 and 21, 1997.  The seminars are intended for records managers
office systems analysts, computer specialists, librarians, archivists, and
other information professionals involved with computerized storage and
retrieval of documents and data.

The first seminar, entitled "Computer Storage Devices and Media for
Electronic Recordkeeping" will survey and compare magnetic and optical
storage technologies and products for data bases, text files, images and
other electronic records.  The second seminar entitled "Cost Analysis for
Electronic Document Imaging" will examine cost calculation and
justification concepts and methods for electronic document imaging
implementations. Both seminars will provide practical advice for planning,
evaluating, selecting, and implementing computer-based information

The enrollment fee is $230 per person per seminar.  There is a special
package price of $399 for persons attending both seminars.  Future
offerings of these seminars are scheduled metro Detroit (Troy, Michigan)
on June 5-6, 1997 and metro Boston (Cambridge) on June 12-13, 1997.

The instructor for these seminars is Dr. William Saffady, Professor in the
School of Information Science and Policy, State University of New York at
Albany and a well-known author and lecturer on information management
topics. The seminars are based, in part, on two of Dr.Saffady's recent
books: "Electronic Document Imaging: A State of the Art Report" and
"Computer Storage Technologies: A Guide for Electronic Recordkeeping."
Both books were published by ARMA International in 1996.

For a copy of the seminar brochure or for additional information, contact
Information Management Seminars, P.O. Box 84, Delmar, NY 12054; telephone:
518-439-2746; fax: 518-439-0968.  The internet address for e-mail
communications is  For a fast response, send us your fax