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Re: French Periodical Index Shawn R King 28 Jan 1997 15:33 UTC

We received the 1995 index in the spring of 1996.  We had canceled the title
title so I tried to track down where to return the index.  I was unable to
find a number for the publisher, but the address on the invoice (which I
believe may be a bank as it referenced an account number) was:  1109 Van
Voorhis Road, Morgantown, WV  26505.  The return address on the package was
actually from the distributor, Bookcrafters, Inc. at 1-800-879-4214.  They
didn't have any additional information at that time but may have now.
Hope this helps.


Shawn King, Serials Librarian           North Central College                       Oesterle Library
(630)637-5712                           Naperville, IL  60540

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Subject: French Periodical Index -request for info.
Date:    1/25/97 7:15 PM

Cynthia F. Hashert wrote:

I am posting this message to see if anyone has more
information than I do about the publication of the
French Periodical Index (0362-5044). Our subscription
vendor tells us the publisher (Ponchie in Star City, WV)
is no longer publishing and the title is considered

Is anyone currently receiving this index? Is so, could
you supply to me the publisher's name, etc.

Thank you,
Cynthia F. Hashert
Serial Acquisitions Librarian