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Religious Humanism -request for info. Pamela Wells 29 Jan 1997 16:26 UTC

Dear Friends,

Our vendor recently sent us a message "No trace of publisher"
on this title, but they have been known to be wrong before, so
I am checking with you.  The last issue we have of Religious
Humanism is vol. 30:1/2 (Win/Spr 1996). It is published by the
Friends of Religious Humanism from Amherst, NY. Can any of you
verify their decease?  Please reply directly to me rather than
the list.  Thanks very much,  Pam Wells
Pam Wells                                    E-mail:
Serials Librarian                             Phone: 804-278-4325
Union Theological Seminary                      Fax: 804-355-3919