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Title changes & bib record displays Jacqueline Snider 29 Jan 1997 22:52 UTC

     We have all modules of Data Trek's Professional series (new name,
  EOSi).  Currently, we have closed our serials' kardex and are making
  sure that the serial entries are complete with holdings, etc. in the
  online catalog.  We have come across several title changes, and are
  wondering how other libraries handle this situation.  I have been
  combining records so that one bib record contains all title information,
  and the 245 contains the current title name; the 246 contains the former
  name.  The problem occurs when a patron searches for the old title on the
  opac.  The new title will show up, and unless the patron displays the
  complete record format, they will not see the old title name.  It can be
  confusing.  We have added variant titles in the text information field,
  and that helps somewhat.  But if a patron displays the F4 or group view,
  only the new title shows up.  Do other libraries use two bib records, and
  cross reference?  If so, do you have subscription histories for both
  titles or do you combine them?  Any information or suggestions is
  appreciated.  Thank you.

  Jacqueline Snider;;
  319-337-1165; ACT Library