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Barcode formats -request for info. (Tom Craig) Birdie MacLennan 29 Jan 1997 23:22 UTC

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Date:         Wed, 29 Jan 1997 16:58:37 -0600
From:         Tom Craig <tom@UTHCT.EDU>

We are planning to convert from OCR-A labels to barcode labels for our
individual books and journal issues/volumes.  The commercially-produced
barcode samples that we have been evaluating are in Codabar format, so we
programmed our Caere 833 barcode/OCR reader for that format, and testing was

However, we also tried scanning the SISAC barcodes that are pre-printed on
some journal issues.  Our attempts to scan the SISAC barcodes were
unsuccessful, so I am assuming that these barcodes are in Code 39 or some
other format besides Codabar.  I scanned barcodes on journals from at least
5 different publishers, with no success.  The journal covers that the
barcode are printed on range from a matte finish to a very shiny gloss, with
background varying from white to light gray, to tan.

If anyone else has tried this and/or knows what barcode format is printed on
journal issues (if in fact there is a standard being used), I would
appreciate a reply.  Please reply to me, not to the list.  I'll summarize if
there is interest.  Thanks in advance.

Thomas B. Craig, M.S.L.S.
Assistant to the Director of Library Services
Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library
University of Texas Health Center at Tyler