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Middle East Economic Digest Stephen D Corrsin (30 Jan 1997 17:12 UTC)

Middle East Economic Digest Stephen D Corrsin 30 Jan 1997 17:12 UTC

I am embarrassed to be bothering the list with such a particular problem,
but it's proved intractable so here goes.

Are people have trouble with the delivery of Middle East Economic Digest
from London? The MEED people swear on everything that's holy to them that
they airmail it every Friday to us. And we swear etc that we never get it.
This has been going on for most of 1996 and now into 1997. (The one time
we got a box of missed issues, allegedly airmailed in November,
examination of the postmarks revealed that airmail from London took a
month to get to New York. I wasn't aware that it was possible to fly that
slowly: 30 days, 3000 miles = 100 miles/day, 5 miles/hr.)

So in brief: anyone else having a problem with MEED?

thanks. Please reply to me directly rather than fretting the whole list.
                           [ed. note: replies to the list also welcome,
Steve Corrsin              if this is a problem of general interest. -bml]
Head, Serials Acquisitions
Columbia Univ. Libraries