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Worst Serial Title Change of the Year (call for nominations) Selina Lin 30 Jan 1997 17:59 UTC

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Dear colleagues,
 Have you been tearing your hair out while cataloging some silly, costly
serials title changes throughout the year, despite the alleged "job
security" these extra workloads provide you?  Do you have a backlog of
title changes you HATE to do because of their frivolous nature? Well,
here is your chance to vent your frustration in a constructive way:
send in your nominations to the Worst Serial Title Change of the Year
Committee, sponsored by ALCTS's Serials Section.  The 1996 award winners
will be presented during the ALCTS President's Program at ALA's Annual
Conference in San Francisco this year.  They will also be featured in
a future ALCTS Newsletter as well as other serials publications.

  1. A frivolous title change for NO APPARENT REASON, and producing
      no advantage;
  2. The unnecessary change of an old, respected title;
  3. Repeated changes, the latest being no better than any earlier ones;
  4. "Snake in the Grass," or "Et tu, Brute?" catagory for library
  5. The title change must have occured during 1996 to be considered.

Please supply complete citations for the change, including title,
number and/or date of last issue with old title, number and/or date for
the new title, and the offending publisher's name and address.
Photocopies of relevant pages or cataloging printouts are useful as
verification, including historic title changes of titles changing often
over time.

Nominations MUST BE sent before MAY 15, 1997 to: Selina Lin, Chair,
Worst Serial Title Change of the Year Committee, Serials Catagloging
Dept., University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, IA 52240. FAX: 319-335-
5900.  Please feel free to contat me at (319)-335-5895 or via e-mail: if you have any questions.
Thank you to those who have contributed before and in advance to those
who will contribute very soon, for making the work of this committee
ever so entertaining.  We look forward to this year's nominations.

Please use the following form for each nomination.


I nominate the following publication for the 1996 awards:

Current title:

Former title:

Suggestd award name: ("Et tu, Brute?"  etc., or your own award title--
       release your creative energy!)

Other related information:

Please include a photocopy of the title pages and/or other relevant
pages, and a printout of the bibliographic record, if possible.

(Your) Name:


 Send your nominations (one form for each title) to:
         Selina Lin
         Chair, Worst Serial Title Change of the Year Committee
         Serials Cataloging Dept.
         University of Iowa, IA 52240
         FAX (319)-335-5900