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use of (Online) qualifier for remote access serial Esther Simpson 07 Jan 1997 18:43 UTC

I am cataloging a remote access computer file serial which on first glance I
thought to be the online version of the print but actually the internet site
contains just the abstracts of the articles published in the journal.

The remote access serial and the print have the same title. Is the use of
the uniform title qualified by (Online) appropriate in this situation?
I think it is if I interpret the online journal abstracts to be its print
counterpart- but is it really a "counterpart"?
It seems to me that the use of the (Online) qualifier might be misleading.
Perhaps a 500 note saying "full text is not available" might help?

Esther Simpson
Library Technician
Serials Cataloging
McKeldin Library
University of Mayland