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Call for Facilitators and Recorders at ALA Midwinter Margaret Mering 07 Jan 1997 20:50 UTC

As Co-Chairs of the ALCTS Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion
Group, we would like to solicit facilitators and recorders to assist with
the round table discussions for the Discussion Group's meeting at the ALA
MidWinter Conference in Washington, D.C. The Discussion Group will meet
on Sunday, Feb. 16 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

If you have not attended a meeting of this discussion group before, the
meetings consist of 13 round table discussion on 4 different topics.
Facilitators at each table assist in the free flow of discussion by
asking persons at that table to introduce themselves, keep track of the
meeting time, keep the discussion moving, and make sure participants
complete the evaluation form. Recorders participate in the discussion and
will also take notes of the discussion to turn into the two co-chairs.
The co-chairs will use those reports for an article (in which
facilitators and recorders will receive  acknowledgement) in a
professional journal.

The co-chairs will develop a list of questions for each topic that
facilitators will use in helping the discussion to keep moving.
Experience has shown, though, that very few tables make it through all
the questions in the time provided!

The topics for the MidWinter Conference's meetings are:

The Effect of Electronic Materials on Technical Services
Flexible Staffing Through Use of Telecommuting
The Future of Professional Catalogers
The Relationship of Library Administrators to Technical Services

If you would like to serve as a facilitator or a recorder, please specify
your choice and respond to:

Margaret Mering             Judy Johnson
(402) 472-2517              (402) 472-3938