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cataloging online databases as serials Beth Guay 08 Jan 1997 23:34 UTC

I want to catalog ASFA: Aquatic sciences & fisheries
abstracts, an online database available through subscription over
the net as a serial (see IS a serial.
It's updated monthly and covers 1978 to the present. All of its
corresponding counterpart publications, including print and cdrom
are serials. It oozes seriality. But the darn thing doesn't have
"distinct issues with distinct designations" (see CCM31.1) so I'm
supposed to catalog it as a monograph. There's a nice record in
OCLC that does just what I'd like to do, its #31252852, "MELVYL
PsychINFO database."

I'd like some feedback. Does anyone else have a problem with
treating online databases as monographs?--Thanks, Beth Guay
Beth Guay
Serials Cataloger,
University of Maryland at College Park