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Re: cataloging online databases as serials Kevin M. Randall 09 Jan 1997 17:29 UTC

At 06:34 PM 1/8/97 EST, Beth Guay wrote:
>I'd like some feedback. Does anyone else have a problem with
>treating online databases as monographs?--Thanks, Beth Guay

I have a problem with treating an online database as EITHER a
monograph OR a serial.  Like Crystal Graham, who has been trying
to get the world moving on resolving this bibliographic-level
issue, I believe that these things lie somewhere in-between.
However, rather than her working term "bibliographic
hermaphrodites", I would prefer something a little more
library-jargon-like, such as "dynamic entity".  A new
bibliographic level would take care of this, I think; with
format integration, all necessary MARC elements are available
in all of the formats, so using the computer file format would
give no restrictions.

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