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Statewide network / Systems conversions Deborah Harrell 10 Jan 1997 15:37 UTC

Subject:      Statewide network

University System of Georgia libraries will soon be using one vendor for all
computer services.  Right now, the Board of Regents has narrowed down the
list of vendors to DRA, VTLS, Endeavor, SIRSI, and Innovative.  Our
university, SUWG [State University of West Georgia], has been with Sirsi
since the mid-1980's.

We are concerned with what impact changing will have on our operations.
Has anyone out there gone through a conversion such as this, specifically
for Serials/Acquisitions/Cataloging?

If anyone out there uses DRA, VTLS, Endeavor, or Innovative, would you
please fax me screen prints of Serials checkin, order, invoice, and any
related data you think might be valuable.  Also, let me know what
experience you have/how long you have been with the vendor and what you
like/dislike about the services/packages.

Please respond directly to me rather than the list.


Debbie Harrell
Ingram Library, State University of West Georgia
phone: 770-836-6498
fax: 770-836-6626