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JSTOR and discarding journals Margaret Hawthorn 10 Jan 1997 18:36 UTC

Are any of the many libraries that are "Charter members" in purchasing
the JStor project Phase I (a project co-sponsored by the Univ. of
Michigan and Princeton to digitize the backfiles of scholarly journals and
make them available in networked and searchable form) planning to actually
discard their paper volumes?  If so, how do you plan to "sell" this step
and how do you plan to handle the "current issues" which will then amount
to three to five years worth.

We are considering either using re-usable covers or super-cheapo "binding"
but can't decide whether to place them in the Current Journal area or in
the stacks.

Space-saving and better access (no vandalism and multiple user capacity)
plus searchability are our reasons for adopting JStor.  Would welcome a
discussion on Serialst.

Margaret Hawthorn, Serials Librarian