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Electronic Content Licensing: Web Site & Discussion List (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 13 Jan 1997 15:23 UTC

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1.  Web Licensing Site Announcement
2.  Licensing List Announcement

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 17:56:48 -0500 (EST)
From: Ann Okerson <>
Subject: Web Licensing Site Announcement

10 January 1997



The Yale University Library, with support from the Commission on
Preservation and access & the Council on Library Resources, is pleased to
announce the availability of the beta version of LIBLICENSE, a World Wide
Web resource intended to provide information and assistance for academic
and research libraries as they read and negotiate licenses with
information providers for electronic information content in a variety of
formats, CD and online.


The creators are requesting comments in order to enhance and improve the
work.  Once a more final version is achieved, the URL will be slightly
changed.  Currently, readers will see an annotated resource presented in
much the same organizational style as an actual electronic content
license, with samples of language and commentary on the suitability of
that language for libraries.  Readers will note that links to some
sections are pretty much completed (license vocabulary, licensing terms &
descriptions, examples);  other sections will be further enhanced
(introduction, licensing resources, bibliography).

The creators welcome all your ideas, as well as suggestions for additions
to links and bibliographic citations.

Several individuals have been involved in creating this resource:

Ann Okerson, PI for the Project, Yale University Library (Associate
University Librarian for Collection Development & Management)

Rod Stenlake, Esq., Consulting and authoring contract attorney (formerly
in corporate practice in New York City; now a Visiting Scholar at the Yale
University Law School)

Georgia Harper, Esq., External consultant and author (Copyright Counsel
for the University of Texas Systemwide)

Alex Adelman, Web Designer (Senior English student at the University of

A form is provided within the LIBLICENSE resource for your comments.

A content licensing discussion list has been started to accompany this


Ann Okerson
Fax:  203-432-8527

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 17:57:20 -0500 (EST)
From: Ann Okerson <>
Subject: Licensing List Announcement

10 January 1997

The Yale University Library, Commission on Preservation & Access, and the
Council on Library Resources are pleased to announce the creation of
LIBLICENSE-L, an internet discussion list on the topic of Electronic
Content Licensing for Academic & Research Libraries.  This list will be
of value to librarians, information providers, publishers, attorneys
in the field, and other interested parties.

To join the list, which will become active as of 15 January 1997, please
do the following:

Send a message to:


Leave the subject line blank.

In the body of the message, type:

                subscribe LIBLICENSE-L Firstname Lastname

The list's owners are Rodney Stenlake, Esq. (
and Ann Okerson (, both of Yale University.

You should contact them if there are any problems.


This list is moderated.  The list moderator is Rodney Stenlake, Esq.,
Consultant to the Yale Library/Commission on Preservation and Access's
Electronic Content Licensing Project.  All messages will automatically be
sent to Mr. Stenlake for vetting for the list.



        LIBLICENSE-L is an outgrowth of the Electronic Content
Licensing Project, whose URL is:

        LIBLICENSE-L is a moderated list for the discussion of issues
related to the licensing of digital information by academic and research
libraries.  Increasingly, libraries are being inundated with information
created in digital format and transmitted and accessed via computers. This
list is designed to assist librarians and others concerned with the
licensing of information in digital format in dealing with some of the
unique challenges faced by this new medium.  Information providers
(creators, publishers and vendors) who deal with libraries are welcomed as
members of liblicense-l.  Potential areas of discussion include:

        * Drafting library and educational license agreements for digital
information content

        * Insuring that license agreements do not inordinately restrict
the use of digital information

        * Reconciling license agreements with the fair use provisions of
the U.S.Copyright Act

        * International agreements relating to the copyright of databases
and other digital information in their relationship to content licenses

        * Modifications of the U.S. Copyright Act as this relates to
digital content licenses

        * Privacy and security issues relating to the use of licensed
digital information via license

        * Interlibrary loans of digital information in the way these
relate to library content licenses.

We welcome your contributions and discussion.