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Deadline Extended: Faxon Institute Publisher/Library Colloquium Susan Hillson 13 Jan 1997 16:05 UTC

                      LIBRARY/PUBLISHER COLLOQUIUM!!!

  *** Question:
What do noted paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, Educom President Robert C.
Heterick, Jr., and National Public Radio journalist Robert Siegel have in

  *** Answer:
They are all participating in The Faxon Institute's Colloquium on Scholarly
Communications Issues on February 12 and 13, 1997, at the historic Mayflower
Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The Colloquium on Scholarly Communications is a unique opportunity for
publishing executives and library decision makers to participate directly in an
engaging, face-to-face discussion on key issues facing the information industry
today, including:

   ***  the new role of electronic publishing in the creation and distribution
        of scholarly information

   ***  the future of paper-based journals in the new millennium

   ***  the future of copyright law and licensing initiatives in the electronic

   ***  the economics of scholarly information in the electronic environment

Library administrators and publishers will have the chance to talk directly
with each other in a unique, moderated discussion format.

Highlights of the program include:

   ***  An opening reception and dinner on Wednesday, February 12, featuring a
        keynote address by acclaimed scientist, author, and  lecturer, Stephen
        Jay Gould.

   ***  A full day, on Thursday, February 13, of discussions between
        participating publishers and librarians, moderated by Robert C.
        Heterick, Jr., President of Educom, and Robert Siegel, co-host of
        National Public Radio's popular news program, "All Things Considered."
        Attendees who register before January 24th will be able to participate
        in one of four round table discussions and observe the other three
        round tables from the audience.

If you interested in attending this exciting two-day event, please send a
request for a registration form to:

You can also make hotel reservations directly with the Renaissance Mayflower
Hotel for both the Colloquium and ALA Midwinter and receive the low conference
rate of $141.00/single or $156.00/double per night.  Or, if you indicate on
your ALA housing form that you are attending the Colloquium, ALA will assign
you the Mayflower for the duration of the conference.  See the ALA registration
form or call the Mayflower directly at: 202-347-3000.  The fee for this event
is $295.00.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to exchange viewpoints and ideas with other
important decision makers on critical issues that will affect the future of the
information industry.