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non-integrated serials controls systems Phelyna Kennedy 17 Jan 1997 22:01 UTC

Help!!!  Is anyone out there using a stand alone serials controls system
that you would recommend for a public library with approximately 2500
titles to maintain.  I'm an LTA for Columbus Metro Library in Ohio and for
the past year I have been learning the ropes about checking in and
claiming serials using visifile check in cards, but we want to go online
within the next
year. Our subscription agency (Turner Subscriptions) gave us PC Max for a
few months to test, but quite frankly, it's awful.  We already have a
catalog system called Discovery Place with which we are very pleased, but we
are interested in a system similar to the Innovative Interface software to
maintain our records for checking in and claiming our titles.  If anyone can
 offer a suggestion--it would be much appreciated!!

I'm new to the list, so please forgive this plea for help if the subject
has been previously addressed.    Phelkenn@Freenet.Columbus.Ohio.USA

[From:    Phelyna Kennedy <phelkenn@FREENET.COLUMBUS.OH.US>]