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NASIG Horizon Award Announcement and Reminder Judith Johnston 21 Jan 1997 14:32 UTC

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The North American Serials Interest Group, Awards & Recognition Committee
would like to remind interested applicants that it is still not to late to
apply for the 1997 NASIG Horizon Award.

The purpose of this award is to welcome aspiring new serialists to the
serials profession by introducing the recipient to NASIG, to further enhance
the recipient's knowledge of and interest in serials, and to provide an
opportunity for interaction with other members of the serials chain.

DESCRIPTION OF AWARD:  The NASIG Horizon Award provide the recipients
opportunity for professional development by attendance at NASIG's twelfth
annual conference to be held May 29-June 1st, 1997 at the University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor.  NASIG  is pleased to announce that a maximum of three
(3) recipients will be chosen.

For further information or to request an application please contact:

Anne E. McKee,
Co.-Chair, NASIG Awards & Recognition Committee;
        Serials Specialist,
        Blackwell's Periodicals
        7942 West Bell Road
        C-5, #181
        Glendale, AZ  85308
        1-800-458-3706 OR 602-876-1296

You may also obtain the application by pointing your web browser to:  The applications will be found under the heading:
"Time-Dated Announcements."

Completed applications should be returned to
Anne E. McKee as above.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  February 15th, 1997.

Applications postmarked after this date will NOT be considered.  Fax
submissions are acceptable.

Anne E. McKee, CO-Chair, Awards & Recognition Committee, NASIG.